D1 Committee

We will introduce you to our various committee members in more detail below.

Laurens Grinwis Plaat Stultjes – Tournament Director

Many within the European community know Laurens as an active participant in international quidditch affairs. Laurens has been part of the Belgian Quidditch Federation leadership since 2013 until 2019, and has been involved in organizing EQC2014 (General Assistant), EQC2015 and EQC2016 (Gameplay Director), EQC2017 (Tournament Director) and EQC 2019 (Assistant Tournament Director) as well as a multitude of Belgian tournaments and international tournaments, such as Gameplay Director for World Cup 2018. 

With his strong knowledge of Belgian quidditch, and a history of involvement in EQC, Laurens is perfect for the role of Tournament Director. 

He is also currently president of West-Flanders Warlocks Quidditch Club, which is a club he founded himself. 

Timo Ramsauer – Assistant Tournament Director

Timo is part of the Quidditch community since 2016 and was already part of many different teams. He got hooked at NTNUI in Norway, moved to Bremen and Darmstadt in Germany, then back to Norway and was founding member of Oslo’s new club Sagene, where he became part of the Norwegian national team. However, he is now coaching in Bremen again and he lives on the pitch joining every tournament he can.

His focus is tournament committee work. Without any organizing experience, Timo started an application for the EQC Qualifier 2017 in Germany and was Assistant Tournament Director. After that he was Tournament Director of two German Championships, the biggest German tournament with 34 participating teams in 2019. Furthermore, he was Gameplay director in Norways EQC Qualifier Oslo Open in 2018 and German League Final in 2019. On his way he was part of many success stories and also gained a lot of valuable experience with things that can go wrong and how to deal with them, while keeping a cool head. 

If Timo is not on pitch he studies and works in IT. However, he already found many ways to automate hidden parts of a tournament and use the power of spreadsheets and tiny scripts for good.