D2 Committee

Beatrice Segalini – Tournament Director

Beatrice Segalini is a 22 year old from Brescia. She has been involved in quidditch since 2015, when with a friend of hers, she created Bombarda Brixia Quidditch Club, Brescia’s first quidditch team.
Since then, She has always been involved in the managment of the team (first as captain, then as event coordinator and member of the executive board of Polisportiva Bombarda Brixia A.S.D.) and of course also as a player. Her team recently organized an international fantasy tournament: the S.W.I.M. (Summer War In Magno), in which she was Assistant Tournament Director.

Outside quidditch, she is a Physics of Data Master student at University of Padua (with a bachelor degree in Physics) and she enjoys cinema, videogames and reading (especially comics and mangas).
She really loves our community and hopes this event could be a pleasant experience for everybody, in particular she wishes that everyone will make some good memories in Brescia (which is her hometown).

Andrés Vargas – Assistant Tournament Director

Andrés, as coach and Vice President of Madrid Wolves QT, has founded and organized two editions of the very successful Blue Moon Tournament in Madrid which has attracted teams all over Spain and mercs all over Europe.

He also has assisted in different capacities in the organization of three out of five Spanish cups, as well as consulted for many other tournaments all across Spain. He is currently the Team Spain manager but could not say no to the challenge of being the second in command in such an event as an EQC where he will bring all his experience and will stand to learn much from the tournament and the rest of the organizing committee.