Public Statement EQC D1

Public Statement European Quidditch Cup 2020 Division One Concerning Event Postponement

To our wonderful community:

After meetings over the past few days, we have been forced to make another difficult decision. We have made it with the complete cooperation of the participating teams and the committee. Due to the current situation brought upon the world and the impact that this coronavirus has on the availability of the committee, teams, their players and volunteers, it has been decided to postpone the European Quidditch Cup 2020 Division 1 from May 2nd – May 3th, to October 10th – 11th, in Ghent. 

Currently measures are being taken in Belgium to battle the CoVid19 virus. At this moment, group activities, including sports, are banned in Belgium until April 5th. After consulting the Ministry of Sport and a public health professional, we decided that we could not be certain these measures would be removed by the end of April. If we decided not to postpone the event, only to come to a conclusion way closer to the event that we have to postpone it, we would risk having to pay a lot more money. This would mean that we would have to increase the team fee and also have more uncertainty about when or where. 

This was a really difficult decision, but Quidditch Europe and the D1 committee truly believe this is the best option for everyone’s safety and finances. This way we can keep the team fee the way it was and give everyone some certainty. Quidditch Europe will strive to have the best event possible in these hard circumstances. 

We are really excited to move forward with this event in October. More information about this can be found here.

We have prepared an FAQ below that will hopefully answer most of your questions.

🆀 – When will the postponed event be?

🅰 – The postponed event will be October 10th to 11th, 2020 in Ghent, Belgium. We wanted to have at least one month between Division Two and Division One

🆀 – Will the tournament still be at the same location?

🅰 – Yes, the tournament will still take place in the same location as it was meant to. 

🆀 – Will team fees stay the same?

🅰 – Yes.

🆀 – Is the postponed event going to use the new rulebook?

🅰 – No, this event is considered to 2019-2020 tournament. As so, we only see fair to play using that season’s rulebook.

🆀 – Help! My team cannot attend the tournament on the new date!

🅰 – Teams will have the possibility to forfeit their spot for the tournament and receive a full refund until April 20th. After that date, you will have the possibility to get a 50% refund until May 1st. Any teams forfeiting their spot after that date will not be able to receive a refund. If your team wishes to forfeit their spot, contact us via and add and in cc.

New teams that have to sign-up after May 1st, will have a lower team fee.

We are saddened by the impact COVID-19 has had on international events, and we recognise that some teams will not be able to afford to go to the tournament’s new date.

If you need advice on how to gather funds for the postponed tournament, please let us know and we can refer you to the correct people.

🆀 – What about other refunds?

🅰 – We will keep the team fee of the teams that do not drop out. They will not be asked to pay another team fee. For refunds about the team fee, see the question above.

Pre-bought merchandise will also not be refunded, but you will receive the merchandise at the postponed event.

🆀 – Will you refund my travel expenses?

🅰 – Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for travel expenses. We recommend calling your airline as soon as possible to see if you can get a refund or a partial refund.

🆀 – What happens with my pre-ordered merch?

🅰 – You will receive your merchandise at the postponed event. You will not be refunded. 

🆀 – What about the rosters and the rosters deadline?

🅰 – The roster submission deadline will change, but teams will still be allowed to submit a full team roster. Rosters will be locked in from April 26th until the event, and the new final roster deadline of 21 players, will be September 27th. If a player of a qualified team wishes to transfer to another team in the meantime and play the postponed European Quidditch Cup with the old qualified team, they can do such a thing. However, they cannot play with the new team at the postponed European Quidditch Cup.

The teams invited to the events will not change. However, NGBs must keep frozen full team rosters of the next three eligible teams, from the moment of postponing. If a team decides to forfeit their spot, the spot will be offered to the NGB’s next eligible team. If they accept, the frozen roster will be requested from the NGB. 

Teams must follow the Quidditch Europe national and international transfer policies for EQC.

Rosters are frozen and players cannot be added or removed from the roster for the event. Should, due to extenuating circumstances, a team want to change the roster they must contact the event gameplay director, who will be reviewing the request together with Quidditch Europe. This may only be requested in special cases, and not due to regular transfers.

Quidditch Europe relies on the NGBs to follow these rosters and transfer policies correctly and truthfully. If any NGB is found to have wrongfully or untruthfully altered the rosters or has been found to be the main culprit in breaching policy, then all teams of that NGB will be disqualified.

This roster policy has been made because we are playing the delayed tournament of the 2019-2020 season.

🆀 – If a team drops out, what happens to their spot?

🅰 – As all teams for EQC division one are seeded, there are a couple of possibilities: 

  1. The team that drops out is from an NGB without EQC division 2 spots: The next team in line from that NGB will be offered the spot. In case of multiple teams from the NGB attending, they will move up in the seeding accordingly.
  2. The team that drops out is from an NGB with EQC division 2 spots: The division 2 team will be offered the division 1 spot, however, they will not be forced to take it. 
    1. Should they decline, the spot will be going to the next team in line from that NGB.
    2. Should they accept, their EQC division 2 spot will be filled following the Division 2 policies. In case of multiple teams from the NGB attending, they will move up in the seeding accordingly.
🆀 – What about volunteers and officials?

🅰 – We understand that this might not be the easiest situation for volunteers either. We want to deeply apologize for this situation. Sadly, this decision was taken with the best intentions at heart. We understand that you will also lose money from this and once again we would like to apologize for this.

🆀 – Will I have to sign-up again as a volunteer or official?

🅰 – Yes. Your application will be deleted from our systems and we will reopen sign-ups again, closer to the event. Perks will be adjusted to match the postponed event.

🆀 – But what if the tournament has to be postponed again?

🅰 – If we still have to cancel tournaments after that much time, we’re certain that it’s not quidditch you’ll be worrying about ;). However, if this really occurs, proper measurements will be taken.

🆀 – I don’t agree with the postponement of the event.

🅰 – Sorry. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. This decision was made with everyone’s wellbeing at heart. During the past few days, several teams had reached out to let us know that some of their players could not make it due to the travel ban. Furthermore, even if we did not postpone the event right now, we were not sure that our event would not be cancelled by the council as many sports events around the world are being cancelled right now.

🆀 – Will there be trading cards?

🅰 – Yes.

🆀 – I still want to go to Belgium at the beginning of May to play, can I?

🅰 – No. #IStayAtHome

🆀 – I can’t find the answer to my question, where can I ask it?

🅰 – You can message the Quidditch Europe Facebook page, or send an email to